GSM Call Flow (GSM Originating Call) Cell Mobile Station User Mobile Mobile Network Base Stations NSS BSS MSC VLR Fixed Network PSTN PSTN EventStudio System Designer 4. 0 13-Sep-08 21:38 (Page 1) LEG: GSM Mobile Originated Call This sequence diagram was generated with EventStudio System Designer 4. 0 (http://www. EventHelix. com/EventStudio). Copyright © 2008 EventHelix. com Inc. All Rights Reserved. The EventStudio source files for this document can be downloaded from http://www. eventhelix. com/call-flow/gsm-call-setup. zip. This scenario describes the call setup for a GSM originating call.A mobile user calling a land line subscriber is covered here. Copyright © 2000-2008 EventHelix. com Inc. All Rights Reserved. The user keys in the phone number for the landline subscriber and .. .. presses the Send button Dial the called person's number Send Button Begin RR Connection Establishment Call related information needs to be transported from the mobile phone to the Mobile Switching Center (MSC). This requires the establishment of a Radio Resource (RR) connection to MSC.

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